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Spring Term 2023 (Archive)

Term 4

Chinese New Year 

In Early Years we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We have learnt that Chinese New Year is celebrated on different days each year as it follows a very old lunar calandar. We have learnt that red is considered a lucky colour in China and New Year is celebrated in lots of different ways including all members of the family getting a new outfit, children finding lucky red envelopes under their pillows and sharing a banquet with family and friends. We wrote our names in Chinese, we wrote top to bottom and in symbols, we noticed how this is different to writing in English. 

Learning in class

It has been a very busy term so far! Here are a few of our highlights

  • We have been working really hard in phonics to match phonemes and graphemes, segment and blend. Some of us have started learning digraphs and have reading books to take home
  • In maths we have been developing our skills in place value, subitising, counting on and back and problem solving 
  • We have learnt that Teddy bears are in the form of a bear and are named after the American President Teddy Roosevelt
  • We have learnt a poem about bears and enjoyed performing it
  • We have been exploring ice and how best to melt it
  • We have found out that if gummy bears are left in liquid the liquid goes inside the sweets!