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Ideas to try at home

Leaf Fun


Go out for a walk. Don't forget to wear the right clothes to suit the weather.  As you walk along, look at the autumnal colours around you. Can you think of any adjectives that you could use to describe what you can see? You might want to collect some leaves on the way. Always remembering to be kind to nature, don't pick them off the branches. There will be plenty on the ground. Maybe you could create your own collage (pictures) when you get home.


It's great fun to kick leaves along. You might want to make your own pile and see how high you can kick them? Take care if you see any piles of leaves on your walk. Small creatures may be hiding under them, getting ready for winter. 


You might have your own ideas for Leaf Fun. Please do share them with us at school - we'd love to see your photographs. Email them to us by clicking here


Some more ideas to try

Make a Recycled Bird Feeder


Build a Bug Mansion


Make a Toad Abode