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Robins Archive

Bedtime Story

Children in EYFS are invited into school on Thursday 14th November at 6.30pm for a bedtime story, biscuit and hot chocolate.  Children are encouraged to come back to school with their PJs on with a dressing gown and bring a soft toy/comforter.

The children will head over to Ducklings class which will be transformed into a magical, cosy story den where the staff will read to the children.  Parents are encouraged to bring a book or magazine and chill out in the school hall and enjoy half an hour child free with a good book and a cuppa! 

2019 Autumn Term 2 - Story Detectives

EYFS’s topic in term 2 is ’Story detectives’ the children will be focusing on traditional tales. They will be learning key stories, be able to retell them and use knowledge gained to create their own stories using pictures, adults scribbling and mark making. We will be focusing on 3 key stories.


Reading Photos

To encourage reading at home we would like to invite all children and adults that are part of the EYFS community to enter our reading photo competition. Please send in photos of you/your child reading, try and think of interesting and exciting places/ways to read. Perhaps snuggled up with grandpa, hiding amongst a mound of pillows, dressed as a witch or sharing a story with your pet dog.

These photos will be displayed in EYFS. We welcome photos from all of the family!

There will be small prizes for the winning entries.

Could photos please be emailed to Mrs Billington or brought in by Monday 18th November.

Mystery Readers

During the week beginning Monday 18th November at 2.30, we would like to invite family members or closer family friends (grandparents, older siblings, parents, aunties, uncles, godparents etc) in to read a story to a group of children.  The mystery reader will arrive at school and it will be a surprise for the children each day who the reader is.  Please don't tell your child if you/someone they know is coming!  Please choose a story book that you would like to read to the children, we would welcome you coming in dressed up, with props or using different voices if you so wish!

We are lucky to have many bilingual families in EYFS, you could read/tell a story in 2 languages.

If you or a family member are able to come in please click here to email Mrs Billington with the date/s that you are available.  And remember sshhhhhh it's a surprise for the children! 



Advent/Christmas Art Afternoon

On Monday 2nd December the children will be learning about Advent.  We would like to invite parents/families in on Monday afternoon from 1.30pm to take part in some Christmas crafts with us.  Be prepared to get messy and covered in glitter!


Christmas Lunch/Christmas Jumper Day

Friday 13th December is Christmas Jumper and Christmas Lunch day.  This is a lovely festive event that the whole school enjoys!  Children and staff enjoy a tasty Christmas Lunch prepared by Mrs Caudle and her team.  More details to follow from the school office.


Christmas Play

This year children in EYFS will be performing a Christmas play.  Children in the middle phase (year 1 to 3) and upper phase (year 4 to 6) will be putting on performances later in the year.

Reflecting on previous Christmas performances we have made the decision to invite children to the matinee performance but only invite adults to the evening performance.  This is due to the children (and adults) working incredibly hard on the performance and finding it difficult to perform in the evening if babies/younger children are making noises. This will also ensure that you get to celebrate that special moment with your child without being distracted by your own, or others, younger children.  a creche will be provided for a small charge, run by school staff.  Children who attend Drayton Community Primary School will watch a 'dress rehearsal' performance during school time.  More details about how to get tickets will be released nearing the time. 


Tuesday 10th December at 2pm - Matinee performance open to children

Thursday 12th December at 6pm - Evening performance, adults only. Creche provided for small charge.