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Robins - Reception

Term 3- Toys!

Term 2- Light and dark

Cheering on our amazing runners for the sponsorsed half marathon

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30th November-4th December 

This week we have spent a lot of time preparing for our Christmas play, we have been singing (with a little bit of dancing thrown in), learning our lines and finding out about the Christian meaning of Christmas. 

In phonics we have been working so hard to remember our sounds, segment words and blend words. Some of us have been writing lists of words and reading simple sentences. We have also completed a special activity (assessment) with Miss Spencer to see which sounds we are really secure with and which ones we need a bit more practise with....all the grown ups are very impressed with how well we did!

We have been learning about nocturnal animals, did you know that bats hang upside down!

During forest school we made natural Christmas decorations using clay and natural materials, some children requested glitter too! We spoke about the impact on the environment of glitter and the importance of not dropping it on the floor. We decorated the tree in the school hall with our decorations. 

On Thursday we made a vegetable stew, which we cooked and ate on Friday. What a yummy end to the week. We even delivered a bowl to Mr Knight.

Some of you may have heard about our class visitor, Elvis! This week we have been helping him learn how to write his name and we made him a house to live in, complete with monkey bars and a hot tub!

Monday 23rd-Friday 27th November 

This week we have been playing lots of games which has helped us develop our turn taking, as well as a bit of phonics with matching phoneme (the sound) to grapheme (the written letter) and reading tricky words with speed and fluency. Learning tricky words enables children to read sentences more fluently. 

We learnt the tricky word go this week, the children found it very funny to send the adults away by saying go! We had great fun practising our handwriting and spelling by writing the word on the playground, perhaps you spotted them on Friday? A number of children noticed that the spelling was similar to another of our tricky words-to. 

In maths we have been finding 1 more and 1 less than a number as well as developing our understanding of everyday time and language. We have been sequencing everyday tasks and using sand timers. 

On Thursday we continued to develop our skill in cutting by making our own fruit kebabs, check out the pictures in the cooking album. Pineapple and mango was a popular choice! 

We found out about natural and man made light sources and sorting light sources into these categories.

As the week continued we started learning about animals that are awake in the night, did you know these are called nocturnal animals. Ask your child if they can name a nocturnal animal. We learnt that fireflies make their own light. We created our own firefly artwork.

Friday 20th November 

In maths this week we have been focusing on 4 and 5. We have been looking at different ways to make each number for example 4 and 1 and 3 and 2. We have been comparing numbers using a 5 frame. We have begun looking at time language by using sand timers in games, we have been having 1 minute challenges for example stacking blocks. This is something that you could try as a family, how many Lego pieces can you pick up in a minute?

We have continued learning more sounds in phonics; l, h, sh, j and r. We have learnt our first digraph, sh. A digraph is 2 letters that make 1 sound. We have been practising our letter formation, check out the window by the door to see some of this! During our child led learning time we have been playing in j j j jelly and working out the initial sounds in words. 

As you know our focus this term is light and dark, this week we have been thinking about shadows and light sources. Did you know that the sun is our biggest light source. We have made light circuits, explored what happens to shadows when the light source is far away/near, used torches to read in the dark den, painted our own shadow pictures and made shadow puppet shows.

This week we have been writing labels for light sources. 

Phew what a lot of learning this week! At home you might like to keep a look out for and talk about shadows, could you make your own shadow puppets? 

9th November-13th November

We had a really busy week at school this week. 

In phonics we learnt how to correctly articulate, recognise and writing the following sounds (graphemes and phonemes) u, b, f and e. At home you could practise writing these letters with mud and a stick or look for them in books. We also learnt to read and write the tricky word ‘the’ we found out we had to stick our tongue out a little to get this right! 

In maths we focused on recognising numbers to 5, counting objects with 1:1 correspondence, using 5 frames to represent numbers and comparing groups of items. Check out the pictures to see a game we played outside. 

We also were scientists to find out if light reflected of off materials. You could try this at home with a torch. 

On Wednesday we took time to reflect and find out about Remembrance Day. 

Thursday and Friday saw us finding out about the Hindu festival, Diwali, which is the festival of light. 

Some of our displays and classroom areas this year

Remembrance Day

Term 1

Will you read me a story? Have a look at our learning journey so far!

Forest School - during our first session we explored the area and created rules to keep us and the environment safe

Meet the teacher presentation 1.10.2020

RWI letter formation mat