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At Drayton, our pupils gather a coherent knowledge of Britain’s past and that of the wider world in a chronological narrative. This sound and well sequenced knowledge of history equips future adults to make a positive contribution to modern Britain, and beyond.


For history, our intent is that:


· Children develop the awareness of ‘belonging’ by providing a chronological backdrop – built upon throughout year groups and focussing on a number of key concepts, including population, empire, trade and creativity.


· We provide a historical background to growing up as members of our various communities


· We stimulate children’s curiosity, fascination and love of learning about the past


· Pupils explore the lives of significant individuals from the past, and how they were involved in significant events that influenced change


· The use of higher order vocabulary is commonplace



At Drayton, we intend that:


. Children develop sound knowledge of significant local places as well as those elsewhere.


· Pupils explore and discuss how human involvement has affected world-wide issues such as deforestation and climate change – and the consequences of these


. Children gather knowledge which helps them show understanding, sensitivity and respect towards societies different from our own


· Ensure that the use of higher order vocabulary is commonplace

Curriculum Overview