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Session Times

AM Session      08.45 - 11.45 (no lunch)

PM Session      11.45 - 14.45 (covers lunch)

Full Day            08.45 - 14.45 (covers lunch)


Morning drop-off is at 08.45. Once your Duckling is settled in nursery we ask that you say your goodbyes outside and let them come into nursery on their own. As you can appreciate, the space in the nursery building is limited and it can get a bit overwhelming for children if everyone is inside.


Morning pick-up is at 11.45


Afternoon drop-off is at 11.45.  Please bring your child to the main school reception where a member of the early years team will collect them and take them straight into the main school hall for lunch.


Afternoon pick-up is at 14.45. We will have your child ready with their bag and coat on at this time. We ask that you wait outside and we will send your child down the ramp for you to collect.


Extended pick-up. If you would like to collect your child after 14.45 there is a charge of £1.20 per day. The latest pick-up time is 15.00. Late pick ups are booked and paid for via the ParentMail app.