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Owls - Year 4

Owls have made a great start to the Autumn term, with excellent learning behaviours and attitude towards studying and representing themselves across the school – well done!

Working hard and showing enthusiasm for learning brings us to our class mascot – Moonlight! She has a certain role to play in class each day.

Moonlight will sit on the desk of a pupil who has passed their secret mission the day before...

What is this secret mission? Each day, we secretly choose, at random, a child to demonstrate the focus of the day (e.g. participating, working hard, listening well etc). The class will be unaware of who has been chosen and so will all focus on achieving this target. If they pass their mission, the mystery student will be revealed! However, if they do not pass, their identity will remain anonymous, and as a class we will reflect on improvements we can make for the next day.

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