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Drayton Primary School Governors

Drayton Community Primary School Governors


We are very fortunate to have a team of dedicated governors at Drayton C P School.

“The future of our children is extremely important and our aim is to support and help to lead the school forward and ensure that the children obtain the very best education and reach their potential in a safe and happy environment”


All Governors can be contacted via the school office email

Co-opted  Governors


Jo Hyland - Chair of Governors

Having taught for 17 years, and then moving into Higher Education, I wanted to maintain some involvement in Primary Schools.  I am a passionate believer in a high-quality education for all.  My own beliefs and ethos of how a school should be matches with the vision of Drayton, so it seemed like a perfect match to become a Governor here!  I love being able to give something back and use some of my expertise in education to help move the school forward.


Pat Athawes 

In becoming a Governor, I felt I really wanted and continue to want to help the children and staff at Drayton School to achieve the best possible outcomes for both. It is so important to ensure that the needs, not just of children and teachers, but also parent’s ideas/concerns are noted and addressed. Having been a governor for some years, I still feel very happy to be involved and able to help provide support for all at school. It is so pleasing and really encouraging to visit school and see enthusiasm and connection between children and teachers.


Chris Belcher - Health & Safety governor

My ultimate reason for becoming a school governor was to assist in any way possible in making the school as good as it can possibly be.  My career background in specialist engineering, project management and health and safety has equipped me with skills that I hope can be used to benefit the school, its students and its staff.  I have an honest and professional approach to my work and hope this shows during my time as a school governor.  I live in the local area with my partner and have two young children.


Steve Minter - Child protection/Safeguarding governor

I relocated to the village six years ago and then my son joined Drayton Community Primary School five years ago. I volunteered to become a school governor to provide support and challenge to the Headteacher and his staff to ensure that not only my son, but every child receives the best education possible.





Katy Payne

Drayton is a wonderful school and my daughter is so happy there, I wanted to give something back and so volunteered to become a governor. As a parent and a teacher, I hope that I can offer insights to the governing board from different perspectives and help them to achieve their aims. I look forward to supporting the school as it moves forwards.

Katy Payne has now resigned from a governor role (14.10.2021) 




Sandra Hanisch

Working with many different cultures has imparted a well-rounded approach and appreciation of the wider world. With a background in Information Technology & the Arts, I understand the need to get involved in supporting the community and helping the next generation to grow & fulfil their full potential.



Parent Governors


Angie Colenut - Vice Chair

One of my main reasons for becoming a Governor was to get more involved in the community where we live. The school is the centre of our community and by becoming a governor I have been able to support and encourage the progression of my children's school. I’ve been a nurse for many years and I have developed a number of skills which I can share with the board of governors. Being a governor has been a great way to get to know the staff and understand more about the school and challenges faced by the team. For me, it is a privilege to serve as a school Governor.


Rob Gilley

I am one of the parent governors, am part of the finance and resource committee and have a role as link governor for PE. I have worked for South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust for the last 20 years, currently employed as a Clinical Team Educator. I wanted to become a governor in order to offer my support and skills to the school as I believe we have a vital role to play in ensuring its continued success and development. Working alongside the teaching staff gives a true insight into the day to day running of the school, allowing governors to oversee its management, securing the best education and experiences for all our children. 


Naven Bansal
I like the challenges.  Being a governor also gives me the opportunity to contribute to local community. 






Lucy Cunningham

Everyone benefits from a successful school - children, teachers and parents. When the school was looking for a new governor with skills that I had gained in the workplace, I volunteered my time so that I could play a part in keeping the school running as well as it possibly can, for the benefit of the whole school community. 






Staff Governors


Chloe Spencer - Assistant Head Teacher

I am the staff governor at Drayton Community Primary School. Within school I teach Robins Class, I am the assistant head and EYFS lead. I initially took up the position as staff governor as I wanted to continue my knowledge of strategic planning and assessment and expectations for Key Stage 2. I have taught EYFS and KS1 so felt it was important to develop my knowledge across the whole primary phase.  It is essential that staff’s views and opinions are shared with the governing body and I feel that I am able to provide the governors, alongside Mr Knight, an insight into how a school runs and put scenarios into context for governors who may not have practical experience of working in a school.  The governors hold a unique position to support the future of the community with their role as a critical friend.


Marc Knight - Head Teacher


Local Authority Governors

Meg Haywood

 I was very pleased to be asked to be a Local Authority governor for the school. Having come to Drayton 3 years ago as the minister for St Peter’s, I have found Drayton to be a friendly village to belong to and it will be a privilege to support the school and serve the village community in this way.
I have four children who have been to primary schools in various parts of the country as well as family members who are teachers.  Over the years, I have been impressed by the desire in education for the staff and pupils alike to be able to flourish in the face of difficult circumstances. I have certainly known the benefits of giving a good start in life from school for my children, and the hard work that goes in from the school staff. I would like other children to have a similar opportunity.
I look forward to getting to know the school community better and being able to serve in a way that would fulfil the aims of the school.


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