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Kingfishers Year 4/5

Moon Mission

Moon Mission 1
Moon Mission 2
Moon Mission 3
Moon Mission 4
Moon Mission 5
Moon Mission 6

Celebrating diversity

Celebrating diversity 1
Celebrating diversity 2
Celebrating diversity 3
Celebrating diversity 4
Celebrating diversity 5
Celebrating diversity 6
Celebrating diversity 7
Celebrating diversity 8

The Highwayman

Term 6

Term 6 will see Kingfishers class investigate Alfred Noyes narrative poem The Highwayman, where we shall dramatise,  perform, recreate and look into the many facets and wonderful techniques used to create such a wonderful piece of literature.

Best insulator

Best insulator 1
Best insulator 2
Best insulator 3
Best insulator 4
Best insulator 5
Best insulator 6
Best insulator 7
Best insulator 8
Best insulator 9
Best insulator 10
Best insulator 11

Term 4

This term we will be finishing the Harry Potter theme, with a school trip and a book review of the fantastic book Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Please come and see them when they are displayed in the library. 

I am really looking forward to an exciting topic later this term with LEGO! Where we shall not only be reading Lego Star Wars, but also creating our own film too. And no topic would be complete without a mandatory school visit to LEGOLAND.  

Picture 1

Harry Potter World

Harry Potter World 1
Harry Potter World 2
Harry Potter World 3
Harry Potter World 4
Harry Potter World 5
Harry Potter World 6
Harry Potter World 7
Harry Potter World 8
Harry Potter World 9
Harry Potter World 10

Term 4 Overview

Picture 1

Electrical circuits

Electrical circuits 1
Electrical circuits 2
Electrical circuits 3
Electrical circuits 4
Electrical circuits 5
Electrical circuits 6
Electrical circuits 7
Electrical circuits 8
Electrical circuits 9
Electrical circuits 10
Electrical circuits 11
Electrical circuits 12
Electrical circuits 13

How to support your child in Maths Reception - Year 6