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Autumn Term 2022 (Archive)

Term 2 Light and Dark

Term 2



In phonics this term we will continue learning the Set 1 single phonemes, before moving onto the 'special friends' (digraphs) in Set 1 (Read Write Inc). We will also introduce some alternative spellings- ll, ss, ff, zz which make a slightly longer phoneme than the single l, s, f, z and are often found at the end of words for example bell, miss, off and buzz. 

We will continue developing our oral blending skills (hearing the words), as well as blending for reading. We will continue to use the MTYT (my turn, your turn) strategy that the children are familiar with to build up skill, confidence and speed. 

We will continue to practise our segmenting skills and then use these skills to segment words as we write them. 

Please use the below documents, as send out during the phonics workshop, to model correct letter formation at home. 

Please continue sending in your home observations via Tapestry of your child's phonics skills. 


In maths we will be following the Whiterose Maths scheme- 'It's me, 1, 2, 3' before moving onto 'Light and Dark'. 

We will be exploring the composition of numbers, learning what subitising is, exploring properties of shape and developing our spatial awareness. 



In computing this term we will be finding out about data handling, during our Thursday lessons. 


Jigsaw- PSED

In Jigsaw we will be 'Celebrating Differences'


Forest School 

In Forest School we will be linking our learning about nocturnal animals by creating habitats and finding out if any nocturnal creatures visit Forest School. We will continue to observe the changes in the environment during Autumn. 


Physical development

This term we have lots of fun activities and experiences planned to develop both fine and gross motor skills. 

We will be creating art using cotton buds, manipulating clay, developing our scissor control, moving to music and developing our ball skills in PE with Mr Pear. 



We have a new poetry book so keep your eyes peeled for the window sign being changed. 


Learning at home

As always learning does not just take place in the classroom. Please continue to share your child's achievements and skills at home via Tapestry. 

Examples may include 

  • during a walk talking about signs of autumn
  • adding their name to Christmas cards
  • starting new clubs- swimming, rainbows etc
  • learning to ride a bike, scooter or skateboard
  • kicking the ball accurately into the goal
  • attending and talking about family celebrations- Diwali, Holi, Advent service, Christenings, weddings, Bonfire night 
  • zipping their coat up independently for the first time
  • getting themselves dressed or undressed 
  • creating storylines for their play- role play, dressing up or animals
  • explaining what new vocabulary means
  • predicting what might happen next in a book
  • showing care and compassion for the feelings and emotions of others
  • helping out with 'housework'

Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).