To read the full Ofsted report, please click on the Ofsted link in the About Us menu. 'Ofsted Good Provider - September 2023'
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Term 2

This term we have really noticed the difference in

our wild areas at school. We have been learning about the difference between deciduous trees and evergreens. Many of the leaves have now fallen and we are left with a very open space to explore.  There are not many places now to shelter from the cold or rain, so den making is always a popular activity.


We have decided that some of the log piles won’t be played on or used to make dens, over the winter. This was because the children know it’s important to leave habitats as undisturbed as possible so that the wildlife can have a cosy winter home. This is a really important lesson for the classes to learn as it brings awareness of caring for the environment and thinking ahead to the spring with all the new life that it brings.

During this term, the children have started to really think about how their senses work outside. They have been copying the actions of a fox as it stealthily walks through a forest in search of food  - ask them about their “fox walking.” Using their “Owl eyes” they will be learning how to use their peripheral vision to really take in what is happening around them. These skills will be developed over the time we spend in Forest School. Maybe when you’re out walking with them, you might get them to teach you how do to this.

Our Forest School pledge

We promise to: 

  • Be kind to ourselves
  • Be kind to each other
  • Be kind to nature