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Kingfishers Year 4/5

This term we'll be finding out all about Brazil. It's an exciting time for the country as they will be holding the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro this summer. 


As it's a country of such varied climate and habitat, this topic is the perfect opportunity to learn about rainforest and desert (yes really!) habitats, endangered species, interdependence, environmental change and the life of animals and humans around the Amazon river. In geography we'll be using our mapping skills to learn grid references, and comparing two different human environments - urban and rural, and Brazil from the point of view of a local and a tourist. 


We'll be writing non-chronological reports about rainforest animals, biographies of famous Brazilian people, writing detailed descriptions of a rainforest river journey, using descriptive language to write poetry, and finally a balanced argument about whether Olympic medal winners who have been discovered cheating should lose their medals. 


To support all of our work, we'll be reading Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson and The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry. 

The vibrant colours of the rainforest, and the Brazilian traditions of carnival and Samba will give us plenty of opportunity to create some interesting art pieces. This term we'll be using collage to create a giant 3D rainforest scene, and designing, making and evaluating a head dress for a carnival costume.

It's nice to be able to present some of our work using Word, Powerpoint or Excel, and we're lucky that we can use the laptops a few times a week if we need to. It would be great if we were all able to type, so the link below is for Dance Mat Typing. A fun way to begin touch typing.