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Phonics Provision

At Drayton we use the 'Read Write Inc' synthetic phonics programme.


You can find information about this programme by clicking on the link below.

Our phonics intent is to:

  • Teach phonics using proven scientific research: Current research shows that using a systematic phonic programme is ‘helpful to all children, harmful for none, and crucial for some’. We keep parents involved in this through parent meetings and through the website.
  • Provide high quality training to staff: All staff across the school are trained in RWInc. by the English coordinator, regardless of whether they teach it daily. This is so the language and high profile of RWInc. is maintained across the school. The adults that teach daily are monitored for quality and consistency across the team.
  • Teach children in a systematic way: All staff follow the programme and have all the resources they need to be able to teach the lessons in the prescribed order.