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Forest School

Term 1 - September 2022

Welcome back to school! We hope you had a lovely summer.


Despite the hot weather recently our site doesn’t seem to have suffered too much. As we hang on to the last of the summertime, the blackberries are slowly disappearing. We always miss the best of our blackberry harvest, but the creatures are clearly enjoying what is left. Other berries are starting to appear on our Whitebeam tree and Guelder Rose. Our Buddleia has a few blooms left and the butterflies are still able to enjoy the blossom.

Our pond is gradually recovering after the hot summer. Fortunately, we were able to make sure there was enough water to support any life and in time, with enough rainfall, it will soon be full and alive again.

We now have a permanent shelter outside which is going to be well used over the autumn and winter months, especially. Thank you for supporting FODSA who made it possible for us to have somewhere where we can be warm and dry, whilst still outside in all weathers.

This year we will be talking and thinking about our impact on the environment and the effects of climate change. Even the very youngest in our school, know how to be kind to our planet which gives us hope for the future generations.

Soon we will be asking for volunteer help during your child’s sessions. If this is something you would like to know more about, please do get in touch with me, via the school office email:


Our weather is unpredictable so please make sure your child has appropriate clothing for their outdoor sessions. We will be outside in all weathers (except thunderstorms).


Mrs Laws & Miss Kogel


Our Forest School pledge

We promise to: 

  • smileyBe kind to ourselves
  • smileyBe kind to each other

  • smileyBe kind to nature