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Puffins - Year 1


This term our topic is The Titanic – we will be learning about this iconic vessel and how it came to a tragic end. The children will learn about the ships construction and what it was like on-board!


To bring our topic to life we will be visiting SeaCity Museum which tells the story of the people of the city, their lives and their historic connections with Titanic and the sea. This will include an interactive guided session which we hope will fully immerse the children in their learning!


Our writing this term will be based on the story of The Boy and the Paper Boat. The protagonist here goes to a strange land and, after overcoming the threats it poses to him, returns with nothing but experience. Children will use this plot as a basis for their own stories. As always, we will be using a talk for writing approach will enable children to become really confident with the structure and language of such stories, before they create their own! 

Our whole class reading book this term is A Boy and a Bear in a Boat by Dave Shelton. We have high hopes for an entertaining read as this book won the Branford Boase Award - an award given to an outstanding children's or young adult novel by a first time writer. 


To begin our term in maths we will focus on subtraction. Children will begin to understand the concept of subtraction and be introduced to language such as minus, take away, less and fewer. We will also focus on weight and mass and later in the term capacity and volume.


Linked with British Science Week (6th-15th March) and our current science topic on materials, we will be holding a science day. This will include a visit from Mr Coulson (dad of Mollie in Puffin’s Class), and a scientific investigation based around materials and absorbency.  Check out the link for more details about British Science Week:

Additionally, we will be working on our production of Hansel and Gretel which will be performed by the Middle Phase (years 1-3) later in the term. Watch this space for more information!


As always, we have attached a curriculum map which includes further details on our topic coverage this term.


We look forward to another great term of hard work and fun.

The Puffin’s Team.



When We Caught a Dinosaur!

Still image for this video

Setting Up Our Dinosaur Traps!

Term 3 Curriculum Map- Dinosaurs

A very happy new year to you all and huge thanks for our lovely goody box and presents at the end of last term. We feel very lucky!


Our topic this term is Dinosaurs!


We start the term with instruction writing and will be focusing on how to trap a dinosaur. This will include learning our instructions using particular sentence openers and imperative verbs. We will be getting children to make their own dinosaur traps and hope to catch one!! Children will then use what they’ve learnt to create their own set of instructions to trap a creature of their choice. Towards the end of this term we will be writing part of a story, based on ‘Harry and the Bucket Full of Dinosaurs’


In Maths we will introduce the + and = symbols and relating part-whole to number sentences. We will focus on our number bonds within 10 and will continue to count daily. We will also be looking at height and length and will measure in non-standard units and centimetres.


In Science children will be focussing on materials and their properties.


As part of our topic we will be learning about the fossil collector Mary Anning (1799-1847), who became known around the world for important finds she made in Jurassic marine fossil beds. We will hope to answer some of the following:                                                                                  



Why did Mary only become well known more recently?

What happened to Mary when she was a young baby?

What are the names of some of the fossils Mary found?

What happened to Mary’s father?

Where are some of Mary’s fossil today?


Linking with this we will do our own archaeological dig and create our own fossils. We will also map where different species of dinosaur have been found around the globe.   


Additionally, we are hoping to make dinosaur sculptures in school and will also be sending a learning project home for you to work on with your child. We hope to present these in our ‘Drayton Dinosaur Museum’, towards the end of term. Watch this space!


We look forward to a fun filled term!

The Puffin’s Team.

Puffins at Forest School 18.11.19


Welcome back to term 2 where we will be focusing on one of the most famous monarchs in British history - Queen Victoria!


In her 63-year reign, Victoria contributed to many significant changes in areas such as education and employment. The Victorian age also saw significant change in other areas too, specifically, inventions and discovery and we will be learning about some of these!


Our Literacy focus to begin our term will be story writing, with the key protagonist of a Queen. We will be doing lots of talk for writing so children will be exposed to lots of storytelling language before we begin innovating and lastly inventing new stories! We will finish the term with instruction writing which we hope will include some of the things we create in our class trip to Cogges Manor Farm.


Our class book is Hans Christian Andersons 'The Snow Queen', this classic children’s book focuses on a different sort of Queen and will be fantastic for story language and inspiration when writing our own stories. With winter feeling like it is upon us the season links rather fittingly too!


In Maths we will be focussing on place value within 20 and subtracting and adding within 10. We will also be doing lots of counting and will touch on shape too.


As we mentioned at our recent parents evening, we will continue with daily phonics using Read Write Inc and will be doing daily practise of red words. In addition, we will be sending spellings home every Tuesday, which will be sent in a ‘spelling book’ so please keep an eye out for these.


For more information on our term ahead, please see the curriculum map.


As always, do come and see us if you wish to discuss anything.


Many Thanks,

The Puffin’s Team.

Story Shells, Senses and a Super Assembly!

A few whole class activities to start the term

A few whole class activities to start the term 1 Science - Our Bodies
A few whole class activities to start the term 2 What we saw in the GBR when we took a look below..
A few whole class activities to start the term 3 Adjectives for creatures found in the GBR




We hope you had a relaxing summer holiday, and that children are refreshed and ready to begin a new school year. It has been lovely getting to know your children over the last few days and we are excited about the term ahead.


Our topic this term is The Great Barrier Reef. As the largest reef in the world and one which can be seen from space, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the seven natural wonders of the world! Children will be learning about the location of The Great Barrier Reef and will be exploring life beneath the surface. To begin with we will be encouraging children to generate their own questions about this magnificent structure…

How long has it been there?

How big is it?

What creatures live there?

Why is it endangered?


This term, our whole class reading book is Manfish – the story of Jacques Cousteau. We have chosen this story as it is beautifully and poetically written and links perfectly with our descriptive writing focus this term! As well as whole class reading, where children will be answering a range of questions linked to vocabulary, inference, prediction, explaining, retrieval and sequencing (VIPERS), we will also listen to children read at least once a week.                                               


Daily phonics will continue throughout the year and will be taught using the Read Write Inc scheme. In addition, children will have weekly spellings sent home – these are spelling that your child is expected to know by the end of Year 1 (to start in term 2).


We will seek to explain a bit more about levelled books and spellings at our ‘Meet the Teachers’ meeting which will be on Tuesday 17th September at 6:00pm.


Gymnastics is our PE focus for this term- please ensure PE Kits are in school daily as we may require these at times outside of our timetabled slot (currently Friday afternoon).


We do ask that children make their way from the playground into their classroom with their teachers. This promotes independence and allows us to settle into our day as quickly as possible.


We are excited about a packed term of learning which will include our first class trip later in the term – watch this space for more information! Please see the attached curriculum map for more details on curriculum coverage this term.


We look forward to getting to know you all soon.

Many Thanks, The Puffins Team.



Autumn Term