Terms starts Monday 4th September for children Reception-Year 6, Nursery start Monday 11th September
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Autumn Term 2023


Our topic for the first term is Ancient Greece!


We will be looking at the famous Ancient Greek Myths and Legends. We will then have a go at writing our own Greek style myth. We have looked at several myths and legends already including:

- Medusa

- Pandora's Box

- The Minotaur

We will start by looking at where Greece is located, then moving onto the life and times of Greece. We will be focusing on how people lived in those times and what it means to be Greek. We will learn about the differences between Athens and Sparta and think about which city we would like to live in and why.  We will learn all about the origin of the Olympics and even have a go at having our own Olympics.

In Maths our first term is about number skills.  We will revisit learning on Roman Numerals before we look at place value to to 1,00000.   We will think about how to  multiply and divide by ten using our knowledge of place value.  We will then move on to addition  and subtraction, learning mental methods as well as written methods to solve problems.  We will think about multiplication and division and how to use the inverse operation to solve missing number problems.  We will learn about fractions and the different ways they can be presented as well as how to find fractions of amounts and how to order fractions