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Homework Expectations

As a school, we think that reading (listening to your child read, reading to your child and talking about books) represents the most effective use of 'homework time'. Research has shown that children who read regularly, for fun, achieve well at school, even in subjects other than English.


We recommend that your child spends around ten minutes per day undertaking reading activities at home. Children should bring their reading books home every evening. It is important to remind them to use different strategies to read new words i.e, using their phonics knowledge to sound words out, looking at the pictures and looking for words within words.


Just as important is discussing the book to check that your child has understood what they have read. We ask that you record any reading undertaken at home in your child's reading record.


Along with reading, we think there is merit in children undertaking short homework tasks relating to other aspects of learning. Where possible, homework relates to prior learning in the classroom, such as times tables facts, and this helps children secure understanding developed in class. This aspect of homework is not compulsory. However, by regularly completing homework children develop important independent skills.


When appropriate, children mark their homework as a class. By this we mean that the teacher might provide the answers to the class as a whole rather than marking work individually. This means that feedback, particularly to any misconceptions, is almost "instant". Furthermore, we have high expectations of our teachers in terms of marking and feedback, so this approach helps to make their workload more manageable. 


We expect the children in our Y6 class to complete slightly more homework than children in other year groups. This is to help them prepare for the raised expectations of secondary school.



Type of homework

Set on

To be completed by


Various tasks linked to the class topic


Following Wednesday




Following Wednesday




Following Wednesday

Red Kites

Times tables


Test the

following Friday


Times tables


Test on Friday of that week


An English task and a mathematics task


Following Thursday


We encourage children to show the independence to approach their teacher before the deadline if they are having problems with their homework. Alternatively, there is a homework ‘drop in’ clinic. This is held in Mr Knight's office on Monday lunchtimes. Children can pop in informally and talk through their homework task. No appointment necessary!


As always, please approach your child’s class teacher if you require further clarification.