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Eagles - Year 6


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Welcome back to what is sure to be a full-on and busy final term. We are all incredibly proud of the children in Year 6; their attitude towards last term’s SATs tests was fantastic. However, the work doesn’t stop there!

As well as the small matter of a summer musical production to put on, we have a super final topic to get our teeth stuck into: The Island. In English we are going to imagine-up our own islands and create adventure stories that are mystical and magical. This will be a real chance to let our imaginations run wild and create (through hot-seating and Drama) fictional characters who will be the main protagonists in our stories.

This topic will also give us the opportunity to do some great Geography work - maps, Ordinance Surveys, atlases and a chance to research some real islands on our fascinating planet. We will be looking at scales on maps, how to use grid references and we will learn about global positioning of locations using the degrees on lines of longitude and latitude.

We have also organised, through our fabulously helpful educational psychologist, 6 focused PSHE/Circle Time sessions that deal specifically with emotions and anxiety concerning transition to secondary school. This will be a really great platform to create some positivity and confidence in light of the big change Eagles Class children will face in September when they move on to their new schools.

It’s the last term, so let’s make it great.

Mr Brabin