Have a great summer - school reopens on Wednesday 5th September!
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Eagles - Year 6

Mission to Mars
Picture 1

For our last topic this year, Eagles class will be learning all about Mars and plans to have a manned colony on the planet by 2031.  As part of this topic, we will be examining the conditions on Mars that make it both favourable and unfavourable for the purpose of supporting human life, how technology is being used to help make this project a reality, and to consider what life would be like for the colonists making the one-way trip...never to return to Earth.


Through this topic, Year 6 will be focusing on their writing - using the subject matter as a great stimulus for different writing purposes, with the aim of producing excellent pieces that show-off all the grammar, punctuation and writing conventions we have been honing throughout the year.


As you know, writing is assessed internally at Year 6, rather than through an externally assessed exam (such as the SATs).  As such, we are really pushing the children to challenge themselves to show-off everything they have learned this year to secure the best grade they possibly can so that we can submit these marks to the DfE at the end of June.  So...even though the SATs are over, please continue to encourage your child to read widely at home and to practise their writing skills to enable them to achieve their very best standard before they make their transition to secondary school.


A final, but incredibly important, part of our last term at school will be our class production of Ulysses 31.  Inspired by our Mission to Mars topic, this play will see the children battling in space and breathing new life into an old myth.  Your child may need help in rehearsing lines, putting together costumes and sourcing props so we would be grateful for any support you can give them.  


*Important dates for the diary:


26th: Sports Day (KS1 9:15-10:45; KS2 1:10-2:50) children in PE kits all day

27th: John Mason Transition Day

27th & 28th: Larkmead Transition Days

29th: Ulysses 31 costumes to come into school in labelled bags


2nd & 3rd: Didcot Girls' School Transition Days

3rd: Aureus Transition Day

5th: King Alfred's Transition Day

13th: End-of-year reports to be sent home & Leaver's Disco (6-8:30pm)

16th: Ulysses 31 dress rehearsal (to the school)

17th: Ulysses 31 evening performance (6:30pm show)

18th: Ulysses 31 matinee and evening performance (2:00pm and 6:30pm showings)

20th: Leavers' Service at St Peter's Church, Drayton for parents and UKS2 only (2pm start)

24th: END OF TERM (1:15pm finish)


*please check these dates regularly as some may be subject to change


  •  SATs week commences Monday 14th May 2018
  • Year 6 children can arrive at school from 8:30am
  • School starts, as normal, at 8:45am
  • SATs tests begin at 9:30am
  • There will be 6 tests spread across Monday-Thursday
  • Tests will include:
  1. English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 1 (questions) 45 mins
  2. English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 2 (spelling) 15 mins
  3. English reading - 60 mins
  4. Mathematics Paper 1 (arithmetic) 30 mins
  5. Mathematics Paper 2 (reasoning) 40 mins
  6. Mathematics Paper 3 (reasoning) 40 mins 


A copy of the letter, sent to parents on 4th May, with full details of the arrangements for SATs week, is attached below:


South American Country: Peru
Picture 1

This term, Eagles class will be learning about the intriguing South American Country of Peru.  As part of this topic, we will be exploring the ancient Inca Empire, the beautiful and diverse Amazon rainforest and a range of traditional Peruvian art.


We will also be endeavouring to prepare the children for the Year 6 SATs in May.  As such, we will be continuing in our approach of 'little-and-often', revising key Maths and English concepts and facts each day to keep the children feeling confident and relaxed as they go into their exams.


Please continue to refer to the resources below to see what we will be doing day-to-day in our revision sessions and for information on the revision packs sent home last term.

Summer 1 Timetable & Topic Web

Evolution & Inheritance
Picture 1

This term (Spring 2) Year 6 will learning about Evolution and Inheritance.  As part of this topic we will be learning about the theories of Natural and Artificial Selection, Inherited Characteristics and Environmental Factors.  The children will also be learning about how animals are grouped and classified into different species.


Please see below for this term's new topic web to see what your child will be learning across the curriculum.


With SATs not too far away now, Year 6 will really be pushing themselves to improve their core literacy and numeracy skills both in class and at home.


Please continue to use the links below (now located with current topic) to support your child's revision and check regularly for any new additions - I will add new links, useful website and documents as they come up to help support you at home.

The Arts: Illusions & Revolutions

(Early Cinema)

Picture 1

Happy New Year and welcome back to the new term!


This spring term, we will be immersing ourselves in the technological advances of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  We will focus on developments in the moving picture and how cinema became an important vehicle for exploring social issues of the day.  As part of this topic, we will be watching the classic silent film, The Cabinet of Dr Caligari. 


For more information on how we will be exploring this topic across the curriculum, please see the topic web and timetable attached below.


Alongside our topic teaching, Year 6 will be preparing for the summer exams with regular revision and SATs practise.  To support your child with their revision and homework, please find the guides attached below which explain all the Year 6 terminology and include all the subject knowledge we will be covering.

Ancient Greece
Picture 1

This term, Eagles Class will study Greek life and achievements and their influence on the western world; they will be reading historical texts recounting life in Ancient Greece and key historical figures and listening to some of the Greek Myths.


Please see our timetable and topic web below to find out more about what your child will be learning.

Tales of Terror
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Welcome to Year 6!  This term promises to be both exciting and macabre...


Eagles Class will be reading a variety of supernatural stories designed to thrill and excite the imagination.  The children will learn how to create interest and suspense in their own fictional tales of terror!  


Year 6 will also be learning about the many festivals and observances, at this time of year, that deal with the issues of life and death: Dia de los Muertos, All Saints' & All Souls' Day, and Remembrance Sunday.


Please see the timetable and topic web below for information on what your child will be learning this term.