Term 5 ends at 3pm on Friday 24 May
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Eagles - Year 6

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Hello all, 

Well this is it. The final term! Where did the time go? As I am sure most of you are aware, I am also moving on after four extremely enjoyable years at Drayton so I’m hoping we all finish on a real high. Get the tissues ready for the final assembly! 

Our topic this term will link to the ‘pirate-themed’ Year 6 summer production: The Truth about Pirates. We will be separating the facts from the myths in this interesting topic and addressing ‘pirate misconceptions’ in general. So, do you know why most pirates really wore eye patches? What is the significance of a parrot on a shoulder? Did they really say ‘Argh’? If ‘walking the plank’ is a complete myth, then what were the real pirate punishments?  Hollywood has had more of an impact on our understanding of ‘pirates’ than you might think. We will be writing a report and a story based on what we have learned.  I have written a swashbuckling show to accompany this super topic so for the next couple of months there’s a treasure chest of fun and learning to get stuck into! 

There will also be a big push on ‘writing’ in the mornings this term. Although those purple Extended Writing Books have a variety of fabulous poems, reports, diaries and stories, I would like to get another 3-4 quality pieces in them. There will be an external moderator visiting our school at the end of June who will want to check the books to determine whether the children have reached Year 6 expectations. Let’s make sure we present this person with some super proof, giving them the best examples of just how good at writing we all are in Eagle Class!  

As well as all of this, we will be learning basic French in the afternoons, we have our Bikeability sessions, we are learning ‘Kwik Cricket’ in PE, we will be continuing Grid Method in Art lessons, there’s a cracking new class novel to get stuck into: ‘Skulduggery Pleasant’ and we are also going on a fun-packed final school trip in July (venue TBC). We also have a ‘whole-school’ trip to Hill End Outdoor Learning Centre in the first week back so lots and lots to look forward to. 

Let’s have an absolutely fantastic final term!


Mr Brabin