Term 5 ends on Thursday 24th May (Friday 25th May is an INSET day)
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Kingfishers - Year 5

Term 3 - The Show Must Go On!


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This term’s topic is The Vikings! In Kingfishers Class, we will be learning about the raids and invasions by Vikings in Anglo-Saxon Britain. The children will learn who the Vikings were as well as when and where they raided and settled. They will learn about significant events from the period and order these chronologically on a timeline. The children will find out about the Anglo-Saxon kings who ruled during the 'Viking Age' and examine their influence and significance in British history. In addition to this, they will learn about the Anglo-Saxon justice system and compare and contrast crimes, punishments and laws with Danelaw AND their modern day equivalents. The children will also have the opportunity to learn about different aspects of everyday Viking life. They will explore the types of houses that the Vikings lived in, what clothes they wore and even what types of food they ate. It should be a great topic so let’s get stuck in!

Autumn Term