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Blackbirds - Year 2

An Island Home

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Welcome back for the final term in Blackbirds. We are incredibly proud of the effort the class put into the SATS but the hard work doesn’t stop there! Still so much to do! (Just think seven weeks left till the Summer holidays!)

This term the whole school is basing our topics around ‘The Island’ and each class will be putting their own spin upon it and so will we. In English we will to begin with be looking at Katie Morag Stories. To begin with we’ll look at comparing different stories where we’ll be picking our favourites and reviewing them. This will get us used to island life. We’ll move onto producing our own ‘Sea poems’ and finally creating a fact file about our class island.

In Maths we’ll be doing recaps of maths skills we haven’t touched upon in a while and being a bit more practical in our ways. When we did capacity earlier in the year the water was kept away but not this time.

In topic we will be focusing heavily on Geography and in particular map work. We’ll be looking at finding the countries of the UK on a map and labelling them. As well as looking at physical and human features of islands to give use inspiration for our own class island. We will also continue our ICT work using SCRATCH to do programming on.

The Sound of Music


Welcome back from your Easter holidays. We hope you’re well rested and not to full of chocolate!

After an exciting last term that was full of flight, fight, mystery and dragons we’re taking a more relaxed approach to our topic. Keeping with the whole school topic of the Arts we’re going to be looking and listening to music.

Welcome to our topic of  “The Sound of Music.”

 We’ll be spending time listening to music from hundreds of years ago to modern classics. We’ll travel back and compare the lives and contributions of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  and Andrew Lloyd Webber. We'll compare their achievements, timelines and talents. Feel suspense and excitement and examine how musical extracts make you feel. Look at the differences between their eras then be transported to the theatre to experience the music they are famous for.

Dragons and Castles

Welcome back we hope you have had a relaxing break, now it’s time to get back to work.

We have an exciting topic this term based around ‘Dragons and Castles’. We will be writing recounts and reports of the strange goings on in Blackbirds. We will also be looking at how to trap dragons and how to look after them as pets. Throughout the term we will be looking at dragon stories with a view to creating and writing our own.

In maths we will be continuing our work on shape and its properties. We will then move onto fractions of shape and numbers. Throughout this we will continue to be learning our times tables.

During our topic time we will be looking at castles and there features. Who lived in them? What are they? What are they made of?




Welcome back, we hope you have had a brilliant Christmas and New Year. Thank you so much your kind and generous Christmas presents.

The theme in school this term is 'Game Changers' and Blackbirds will be looking at some of the important inventors and inventions in human history. During our topic time we will be taking to the sky to learn all about Leonardo da Vinci and his incredible work. We will follow on from looking at Leonardo da Vinci by studying the Wright Brothers and their invention of the aeroplane.


Taking inspiration from these famous inventors we will be trying to replicate their success by creating our own inventions. Anything that could be used to aid us in our creations would be greatly appreciated.


Throughout the year various children have spoken to me about reading stories by Roald Dahl, so this term we will be reading the story of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.



All around Asia

Welcome back, I hope you have all had a relaxing and peaceful half term and are ready for our new topic. After our adventures in 'Space' we're moving on to exploring the land of the rising sun 'Asia'. It's a big topic for a big continent. We're going to do our best to explore this vast continent. If you have any expertise or knowledge on this topic or countries in Asia please don't hesitate to get in contact.



Welcome to Blackbirds!

I hope you have had a lovely summer holiday and had a chance to recharge the batteries as we have a busy term ahead of us.

Our topic this term is all about space. The children will be learning all about what we see when we look up at the night sky. They will be learning about the planets in the solar system and a little closer to home our moon and the people who travelled there.

Maths at the beginning of the term will be focusing on place value and then addition and subtraction. There will be lots of practical activities to make use of the new equipment and resources.

In Literacy we will be writing stories set in a fantasy setting of space as well as writing letters and postcards from space. We will also be using the imagery and beauty of space to write a variety of poems. The class will be reading a variety of stories such ‘Beegu’, ‘Aliens in underpants’, ‘Here come the aliens’ and ‘Man on the Moon’.

With all these exciting things and more going on in the classroom you are more than welcome to come and view our work on Friday mornings.


Mr Harries and Mrs Pitts