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Visions and Values

A community in which everyone flourishes

Strategic Priorities 2020-2023


Broadening horizons


Multi-disciplinary knowledge of the world is central to our pupils if they are to make a positive contribution to society. The regularly reviewed curriculum offer is broad, ambitious and effectively prepares children for the next stage of their education. The school follows assessment approaches which add value to the learning process. The curriculum is complimented by the Drayton pledge, which ensures rich experiences are provided for every pupil.


The school embeds content relating to environmental/conservation issues in its curriculum


Tackling underachievement


The school is research informed and implements approaches which are refined through professional learning. The use of high quality texts is prioritised leading to improved standards of oracy. Ambition for all pupils is high, regardless of SEND or disadvantage.


A calm and purposeful environment


Expectations of all pupils are high. Kindness and gratitude are the norm in all interactions. Lessons are free from disruption and time is used effectively. Adults have equal authority and lead behaviour both in and out of classrooms. Children and adults have pride in the school environment. Senior leaders ‘set the tone’.


Effective support for families


The school is a nurturing environment in which to develop and grow. The school acts as a buffer for vulnerable families prior to early help services becoming engaged. Staff continue to develop excellent relationships with families and act quickly when a family faces difficulty or a crisis.


A skilled workforce


Professional learning opportunities are provided for all colleagues, which leads to a development of expertise linked to each role. A sense of purpose pervades the school as colleagues focus on those practices that make a difference to children’s lives. We access the expertise in place by learning from each other.


Growing future leaders


An effective appraisal process helps provide opportunities for leaders to develop expertise in finding solutions to the common challenges of school leadership. The school is outward facing and aims to be a prominent player in the provision of school to school support. Effective succession planning is in place. Pupils are given opportunities to develop leadership skills.








The pursuit of knowledge