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Spring Term

Welcome to Kingfishers class page!


Kingfishers have made an excellent start to the new term, both in their attitude to learning and the way they continue to represent the school during swimming, tournaments and to visitors to our school. Well done!


Our topic for this term is a local study based on Oxford castle.

We be exploring the castle’s history, from its beginnings as a motte and bailey castle built by William the Conqueror, through its use after the English Civil War as a prison, and up to modern times as a hotel and social venue. We will be map-reading, investigating Oxfords architecture and visiting the Castle itself.

Our writing this term begins with cross-curricular links to our artwork. Firstly, we will be exploring blogs and how to write them – in an informal, online-diary style. An imaginary blog by Marco Polo (from our topic last term) will eventually inspire us to write a blog as a character from the story of Jason and the Argonauts, which we are studying in Art.

Following this, we will explore a portal story – how a found artefact can mysteriously take the character back to the time of the object. What would you see and experience while you were there, before returning to the present?

Whole Class Reading

In reading, we have begun our book for this term: Clockwork by Philip Pullman. This is a gothic tale, set ‘in the old days’ in a town in Germany. It brings together many strands of a story, including the disturbing and mysterious Dr Kalmenius, Fritz the storyteller, a clockwork prince and a dangerous clockwork knight! As it progresses, the events in the story begin to come true…

The class will continue to develop their skills in answering ‘VIPERS’ comprehension questions.



In maths, we are continuing to work on Multiplication and Division (Spring block) where the class are developing their skills multiplying up to 4 digits by 2 digits and dividing 4 digits by 1 digit. Once we have completed this, we will move onto the subject of Fractions. In addition to this, we practice arithmetic skills each day (mental maths), along with continually revisiting previous learning. Kingfishers are also encouraged to continue with the very popular Timestable Rockstars at home. Please contact the office if login details are required.

Rio is our class mascot, and has a certain role to play in class each day.

Rio will sit on the desk of a pupil who has passed their secret mission the day before…..

What is this secret mission? Each day, we secretly choose, at random, a child to demonstrate the focus of the day (e.g. participating, working hard, listening well etc). The class will be unaware of who has been chosen and so will all focus on achieving this target. If they pass their mission, the mystery student will be revealed! However, if they do not pass, their identity will remain anonymous, and as a class we will reflect on improvements we can make for the next day.


Kingfishers have been busy retrieving their learning from term 2, when we explored the Ancient Greeks. This knowledge has come in useful, as we have been very lucky to have been visited by artist Jane McDonald from St Helen & St Katherine School in Abingdon who has led lessons on Ancient Greek art, pottery and the stories they tell.  

Here are our topics for other areas of the curriculum:

Science – Properties and Changes of Materials

Computing - Mars Rover

RE - Sikhism 

PSHE – Healthy Me

PE – Team games (Thursday) Swimming (Monday)

Music – South and West Africa

Forest School – Working on FS skills (Wednesday)


Kingfishers continue to work hard at their learning. We are very proud of their efforts and look forward to this continuing as the term progresses.

Mr Wooster, Mrs Laws, Miss Strong

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