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Outdoor Learning



What does my child need to bring to school for Outdoor Learning?

Children need to be able to enjoy the 'woods' whatever the weather. Water proof trousers and jacket are ideal for this or old clothes and a coat that it is ok to get muddy and wet. All in one suits can be brought from Amazon from £10. Children will be outside for about an hour a session so it is also worth them having gloves, scarf and hat to keep them warm.


Why is my child doing Outdoor Learning? 

Our aim at Drayton is to give children the opportunity to develop confidence through learning in environments other than the classroom. As they become familiar with outdoor learning they can take their new-found confidence into school and into other areas of their lives.


What can I expect my child to be doing during Outdoor Learning? 

During their sessions in the 'woods' they will be experiencing a wide range of activities from den building and fires to learning about the changing seasons and how to maintain the area and not damage the environment. 


Where is the 'woods'? 

Drayton were lucky enough to be supported by our FODSA to create a magical area in our school grounds which contains our pond, a variety of trees for climbing and to observe through the seasons. There are path ways that twist and wind and great areas for children to take risks in a safe and secure environment.