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Forest School

Cleaning wellies before coming back into school. 

This term in Forest School has been a very busy one and has focused on opportunities for the children to discover the natural environment. The children have been exploring the wild areas, inventing their own games and stories. Den building is always popular and it has been interesting watching the children work collaboratively to create a space that is theirs. Listening in to their discussions, we have heard them idea sharing, problem solving and finding a way through their arguments.  Forest School offers the children a safe place to express themselves through play, learning and expressing their emotions.




Our parent volunteers this term have been an amazing asset to the sessions. We couldn’t run them without their help and the valuable skills that they have been able to bring with them.  During one of our sessions with Red Kites, Mrs Savage kindly bought some willow into Forest School and guided small groups at a time in building a beautiful willow arch. It was wonderful to see the excitement and wonder on the faces of the class as they saw their finished creation.


Forest School offers the learners a chance to assess the risks involved as they play and explore. They will have been encouraged to think about how to move safely through the site with their sticks and branches; how to access the pond site; how to assess whether it’s the right kind of weather to be climbing trees; are they wearing the appropriate clothing to take part in the activity they want to do and knowing how important it is to follow instructions (which will keep us all as safe as possible).




Part of Forest School learning teaches us how to look after the environment and how we can reduce our impact on the site. This might mean that, for example,  in wet weather, we use an alternative part of the school site, to allow footpaths to recover. We encourage the children to take care when lifting small logs – to look out for the creatures and put down gently.  We share our environment with other living beings and so we must treat them with respect. Imagine if you were a woodlouse, how would you want the humans to treat you …………?

As we move from autumn into winter, we will be discovering the changes that happen as the seasons change. Exciting times!


Our Forest School pledge

We promise to: 
Be kind to ourselves
Be kind to each other
Be kind to nature