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Autumn Term

Welcome to Kingfishers' class page!


Kingfishers have made a great start to the new term, and have settled back into school well after Christmas. We have been very impressed with the way they have conducted themselves and represented the school, both at swimming each week in Abingdon and at a recent cricket event - well done!


Our topic for this half-term is The Silk Road.


We will be exploring what the Silk Road was and what effect it had on the world - how it became a vast network of trade routes that allowed never-seen-before goods to be sold and transported from continent to continent and which became the most sought after, representing wealth and power. We will also look at the life of Marco Polo and his travels, along with something else that was allowed to travel from continent to continent - the plague! 


Our writing for this term has been based firstly around explanation texts, in which we have looked at the reasons behind the extinction of dragons and dinosaurs, using causal language to help explain cause and effect. We are now writing our own texts to explain the threats to current creatures and why they are endangered.


Following this, we will be exploring suspense - what elements of a text will create tension, make us want to read on and keep us on the edge of our seats... 

Whole Class Reading

In reading, we have begun the story of 'Millions' by Frank Cottrell Boyce, set in northern England. This is a story of a fictional change-over to the Euro, and the resulting chaos when two brothers discover a large bag of stolen pounds sterling. Should they spend it or give it away? If they decide to spend it all, they have only 17 days to do so!  The class will continue to develop their skills in answering ‘VIPERS’ comprehension questions.







In maths, we have been working on Statistics, where we have learned to interpret graphs, charts and tables, and also Multiplication and Division, where we have studied factors, multiples, square & cube numbers and prime numbers. We have just begun our latest unit, Perimeter and Area. In addition to this, we practice arithmetic skills (mental maths) and times tables daily, with a particular focus for each set every week.




Welcome to our class mascot – Rio! He was kindly handcrafted by one of the schools’ parents, and has a certain role to play in class each day.


Rio will sit on the desk of a pupil who has passed their secret mission the day before…..


What is this secret mission? Each day, we secretly choose, at random, a child to demonstrate the focus of the day (e.g. participating, working hard, listening well etc). The class will be unaware of who has been chosen and so will all focus on achieving this target. If they pass their mission, the mystery student will be revealed! However, if they do not pass, their identity will remain anonymous, and as a class we will reflect on improvements we can make for the next day.


Eagles class have a similar mascot, and have made various items for him – this may be something Kingfishers may also like to do!

Here are our topics for other areas of the curriculum:

Science – Forces

Computing - Mars Rover

RE - Sikhism 

PSHE – Dreams and Goals

PE – Team games (Thursday) Swimming (Monday)

Music – The Blues

Forest School – Working on FS skills (Wednesday)

Kingfishers class have made a great start to the half-term and have made a brilliant job of representing the school during school trips. We are very proud of their efforts and are looking forward to this continuing in the year ahead.


Mr Wooster, Mrs Laws and Miss Strong