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Reception Robins

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Picture 1

Welcome to Robins class!

Children in Robin’s class follow the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), children follow the EYFS framework from birth to 5 years old and all professionals (nurseries, child-minders, teachers etc.) use this framework to plan for children’s next steps and support their holistic development.

The EYFS was revised in 2012 and changes to the framework include stronger partnerships between parents and professionals, changes to the areas of learning with 3 specific and 4 prime, introduction of a progress check for 2 year olds, and simplified assessment at the end of the Foundation.

The EYFS is a very important stage for children as it helps prepare them for more formal teaching and lifelong learning. Children’s early years’ experience should be a happy, active, exciting, fun and safe time which enables every individual child to achieve their full potential. Here at Drayton Community Primary School we aim to ensure that all children learn by ‘doing’ and leave Robin’s class with a love of learning and feeling safe and excited by the opportunities that learning offers.


Areas of learning

The EYFS framework is divided into 7 areas of learning


  • Communication and language               

  • Physical development

  • Personal, social and emotional development


  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Understanding the world

  • Expressive arts and design


For more information of what each of these areas of learning involve please read the parental booklet which will also give ideas to support your child’s learning at home in fun, practical ways.


Characteristics of learning

The revised EYFS identified that children relate to things and interact with the environment in different ways; these have been classified as the ‘characteristics of learning’. These characteristics run through all areas of learning.

  • Playing and exploring

  • Active learning

  • Creating and thinking critically

During the EYFS observations will be made on these characteristics of learning and at the end of the year these will be reported on.


Topics are planned to incorporate the children’s interests, events such as festivals including Christmas, Chinese New Year and Easter and times of year such as autumn, winter and summer.

After talking to the children topics are likely to include the seaside, pirates and animals!


During autumn term 1 Robin’s class topic will be ‘Marvellous Me’. This topic focuses on the children learning all about themselves and may include the following

  • talking about families

  • looking at baby pictures

  • learning mathematical words to talk about size

  • establishing friendship with peers and relationships with staff

  • devising and following class rules

  • houses and homes


The autumn term in Robin’s class is very much about ensuring the children are feeling settled and safe in their new routines at school and ensuring their overall happiness.

The EYFS curriculum is very flexible and is dictated by the children’s interests and next steps for this reason the areas that we might cover are only a guide.


Please refer to the parent’s overview for more details about the focus in each area of learning.


General information about Robin’s class

  • Please ensure that all children have the following in school each day- a named water bottle, suitable clothing as the children have free flow access to both the indoor and outdoor learning environment. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing for the weather!

  • Children need a named PE in school, our allocated hall times for PE are on a Tuesday and Thursday but due to the flexibility of the EYFS we may do PE on other days.

  • Children are given a snack of fruit, milk and water every morning. Children are allowed to bring an extra ‘healthy’ snack (fruit, vegetables, bread sticks etc.).

Term 6

Term 6 1

Term 5

Term 5 1

Term 4- visiting lambs

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Term 3

We hope you all enjoyed the break and had a lovely Christmas and New Year; we have enjoyed hearing all about the children’s break, including adventures to India and 2 new baby siblings arriving! Thank you for all your kind wishes, cards and presents.

To infinity and beyond!


Our whole school theme for this term is ‘game changers’ and each class will be looking at key turning points.

Robins and Puffins are looking forward to an action packed topic exploring space! We will kick off the topic with a visit from a planetarium which will allow us to find out about planets in space and watch 3d images and footage from space….we even have a space enthusiast governor joining us!

Robins will be finding out all about planets and features of space including stars, rockets, comets and astronauts! We will be finding out about the first missions into space as well as the more recent expedition of Tim Peake.

We will read a range of information books and fictions books including Baby Brains, Aliens Love Underpants and Whatever Next.

In maths we will be continuing to focus on number recognition and counting with accurate 1:1 correspondence. We will develop our mathematical language by learning about concepts including pattern, weight, size and shape.

We will be learning about the features of different planets and will make our own planets using a range of materials including papier maiche and paint.

Our role play has been transformed into a space station and the children will draw on the experiences offered in class to develop their imagination and language skills.

We have a school trip booked for the 6th February, we will be going to @bristol where we will take part in a space workshop, visit the planetarium and engage in a variety of science based activities. I'm sure you will agree that we have an exciting term planned and hopefully we will be space experts by the end!





Down in the deep, dark woods



Autumn term 2 31st October- 16th December 2016


Welcome back to Term 2! We have an action packed term planned focusing on the deep dark woods! We will be exploring things you might find lurking in the woods including ‘Wild Things’, the ‘Gruffalo’ and more traditional woodland creatures such as hedgehogs. Of course this term will also be full of celebrations as we learn about a variety of national and cultural events including Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Divali and Christmas.


We will start the term learning all about Divali, the festival of light. We are very lucky that Jasmine’s Dad has offered to come into school to talk about how he and his family celebrate Divali. We look forward to seeing you all in your beautiful bright clothes or sarees on Monday 31st October. We will be creating our own Mendi’s, Divas, Rangoli patterns and cooking food with Puffins and Blackbirds.

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Picture 2

Over the term the children will be learning that everyone is different and that many people chose to celebrate different things in different ways. We will learn about the history of Bonfire Night and using a variety of materials to create our own firework pictures. We will use junk modelling to make our own fireworks.


On 11th November we will think about what the poppy symbolises at this time of year and will take part in the 2 minutes silence. We will create our own poppies and create a whole class display. We will explore our school Value of Courage for the month of November.

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Picture 2

In phonics we will continue learning more sounds and practising blending and segmenting; look out for info about the parent’s workshop. Children will be bringing some activities home to support with phonics.


In Literacy we will be learning to give meanings to the marks we make and begin to use the sounds we have learnt to write graphemes (letter shapes) to represent sounds we can hear in words. We will be retelling key stories and listening to a range of stories and poems including ‘The Leafman’, ‘We’re going on a leaf hunt’, ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘Where the Wild Things are’.


In maths we will be learning mathematical language to describe size, shape, position and weight. We will be ordering items by height and creating patterns! We will continue to practise counting with 1:1 correspondence, matching numeral to quantity and number recognition
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Forest Friday! Robins Class will be taking their learning outside into the wooded area in the main playground every Friday morning. As you know the children have continuous access to the Robins garden throughout the day but we will be enjoying more outside time and will be using the environment to enhance learning activities are likely to include finding and talking about natural items, making pictures with found items, cooking outside and toasting marshmallows! Please ensure your child comes into school on Fridays wrapped up warmly for spending time outside!


I am sure you will agree we have a very busy term planned!

Kind regards,

Miss Spencer, Mrs Price and Mrs Lincoln

New starters meeting- July 2016